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VCIM (Vehicle Communication Interface Module)
The VCIM is innovative vehicle communication interface module which is developed as increasing usage of ECU reprogramming.

Originally, the data had to be sent from computer to scanner and then scanner to vehicle to reprogram ECU. It was inefficient for time and repetitive process.

On the contrary, the VCIM implements innovative interface so that you can download data from PC directly. You can do reprogramming vehicles not only from laptop PC but desktop PC by using wired or wireless LAN on it.

The VCIM is the next generation of multi diagnosis tool which is able to diagnose vehicles in the near future by developing new software.


CAR-Doctor (Radio diagnosis muchine)
Car Doctor is a highly advanced wireless diagnostic scanner developed in order to keep pace with increasingly changing wireless technology.

Most automotive scanners have a limited coverage of Korean vehicles, but Car Doctor is able to cover all Asian vehicles including Japanese ones. Undoubtedly, Car Doctor will cover all European and US vehicles in near future.

There are many advantages of Car Doctor in terms of technology. First of all, it’s ergonomically designed handheld scanner and all different languages are available. Additionally, Car-Doctor gained CE certificate to satisfy world wide clients.

Car Doctor is no longer tied by wires and cables. Car doctor is innovative wireless system and the first try in this market. Moreover it has no limit for place or distance and also it’s easy to download of new diagnostic program by USB or Card reader.

As above reasons, it has been exporting to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, etc.



MET-5000 is a highly advanced diagnostic scanner developed in order to take charge of changing automotive electronic system that rapidly moves into advanced technology. MET-5000 has been supplying to leading Korean automotive manufactures with O.E.M., DAEWOO MOTOR, SSANGYONG Motors, KIA Motors and SAMSUNG Motors and also it is being exported to over 100 countries in 5 different languages because MET-5000 lies in adopting 32 bit cpu which permits fasts fast and precise processing of numerous data. It is also OBD-II ready for the US market, and a user may reprogram a vehicle using MET-5000. There are other advantages that separate MET-5000 form other scanners. Using basic memory of 4-MB, its optimum memory capacity can store data of new vehicle model up to year 2003. Utilizing the talent of our S/W engineers, we are able to accommodate the various needs of our clients swiftly and efficiently. Our strength in S/W allows us to be a leader in today's market as well as tomorrow's. Striving to accommodate globalization of the market, diagnostic programs for American, European and Japanese cars will be introduced in the future. Based on the experience obtained by the success of MET-5000, we, JASTEC Co., Ltd, are developing the next generation diagnostic equipment which includes service Information and vehicle tune-up for the convenience of the by implementing Notebook type computer.

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